Claire Harsant

Ear Wings© by designer Claire Harsant, are one of those products where a photo does not do justice to how pretty and strikingly effective they are when on.

They are unique handmade earrings that go through a single piercing on the ear and wiggle up the side of the lobe, creating a new and exciting look.  They give the illusion of more piercings and can also be referred to as Climbing Earrings.  They are designed for style and comfort, using good quality materials.  Suitable for people with allergies and make a beautiful gift.  They are ideal for proms, parties, as unique bridal wear and as bridesmaids gifts.  Great for any age.

Product Description

Made with either 925 Sterling Silver wire or 14ct Gold Filled Wire, Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, in various colour combinations

Gold filled wire is composed of a solid layer of gold, mechanically bonded to a base metal such as sterling silver.  Gold filled items can last up to 30 years, even with daily wear.  It is hundreds of times thicker than regular gold plating, therefore it is suitable for people who can only wear solid gold. Sold in pairs, with a left and right fitting for each ear, they only need single piercings.  

All Ear Wings are individually designed and made by hand, a small wire or bar goes up the back of ear and this is what holds them into place. They are extremely easy and comfortable to wear.  Gently pinch the wires between your thumb and index finger to slightly open up the bars, making it easier to fit in, the bars will spring back into place.  Insert the wire into the lowest piercing on your ear, with the wire pointing down. Flip the earring up nestling the beaded front and the wire bar against the front and back of your earlobe.  At first you may want to gently pinch the base of the earrings closest to the piecing. This will bring the bars closer together and insure the earring doesn’t drop down. The earring should fit snugly, but comfortably. 

To care for your earrings try to avoid contact with water, soap or perfume.  You might want to store them in an anti-tarnish bag when not in use.

Size: 22 x 13 x 2cm   -   Weight:  0.012kg

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