Towel ~ SPT03 Stars Mint Peshtemal Towel / Throw

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Jacquard pestemal towel with a versatile and reversible all over stars design. Made from 100% cotton, woven double ply, so also works brilliantly as a throw, tablecloth, scarf or blanket. 

Product Description

  • Grey
  • 100% Cotton, pre-washed
  • Size 90x160cm. Weight 390g
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • Tumble Dry low, warm iron
  • OEKO-TEX certified (no harmful substances)

    We recommend to machine wash at 40 degrees and then line/rack dry before first use. This process helps speed up the absorbency of the cotton and softens the towels for use. Tumble drying is not good for the tassels.

    Turkish towels and fabric softener are not friends. They are super soft anyway and the ingredients in the softener will coat the fabric making it repel, rather than absorb water.